Conversations in Facet

Bringing Collaborative Analytics to life

Facet is the only analytics product which brings collaboration to the forefront allowing you to be alerted on changes, investigate the root cause, and collaborate with internal and external teams all in one location. With conversations in Facet, you'll always have the appropriate context of what team members were looking at when they made the comment, because the view is saved and linked to the conversation.

When you enter Facet, if any messages have been sent, both by users or proactive alerts, you'll see a message icon indicating how many new messages. You can enter the conversations to see what has been said and join in on the conversation. You can hover and click over any comment and you'll be brought to exactly what the user was looking.

Below is an example of a user entering Facet with 5 new messages since they last viewed. The user was able to click on the message from another user and have the page update.

The same activity as above is seen with alerts. An alert that was triggered by Facet, appears as a comment in the conversations panel, as well as shows an icon in the chart. If an alert was triggered, simply click the alert to see the exact set of filters for the alert, and see the number of times the alert has been historically triggered. Below we see an example for an alert as a comment, and the alert location is visible in the charts.

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