Data Overlays

Overlays can be used to visualize multiple metrics on a single axis. This can be useful for heuristics to guide decisions, comparing related metrics, and understanding events.

Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop any metric chart to overlay two metrics charts together. The data overlay will appear in a different color, with the y-axis on the left representing the new range.

Moving averages

Visualize moving averages and forecasts directly in the metric charts while still being able to utilize time-series and dimension comparisons. For example, you can overlay daily purchases with a 7 day moving average and a forecast to better understand regular trends.

To get started with overlays, select the "Overlay" button and select "7 day average" or "30 day average" to show your moving average trend line. Note: you must select your moving average value in order to deselect "source data".

When you mouse over your moving average trendline, the tooltip will show you the numerical value in the darker series color.

Once your single chart is visualizing multiple metrics, you can also choose to accentuate or hide any particular series.

You can then use overlays to better understand spikes and shifts in your data against trend lines.

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