Connecting Your BigQuery to Facet

Facet is an exploratory analytics platform for time series data. Facet helps teams in any company to explore key business metrics and perform root-cause analysis without needing to write SQL or engage a data engineering team. A workspace in Facet can connect to an external time-series data set, including Google BigQuery.

Information to share with Facet

In order to begin the integration, very little information needs to be collected. You must have a service account, and know the location of the data in BigQuery. Facet only needs the following information:

  • Service Account Key
    • Service account must have the following roles:
      • BigQuery → BigQuery Data Viewer
      • BigQuery → BigQuery Job User
  • BigQuery Dataset name
  • BigQuery Table name

The Service Account Key will be securely uploaded when creating your first workspace. If you already have the above information, you can skip to "Creating First Workspace" to begin. The remainder of this page shows how to create a service account and to extract the key.

Creating a Service Account

You must have Google Cloud admin permissions to create a service account. Google has documentation specific to creating a service account and generating the private key file. We also walk through the steps below.

  1. Open the credentials page inside of the Google Cloud Platform APIs Manager.
  1. Select a name for the new service account. You may also optionally add a description. When completed click CREATE.
  1. The service account requires two Google BigQuery predefined roles:
    1. BigQuery → BigQuery Data Viewer
    2. BigQuery → BigQuery Job User

Select the first role in the “Select a role” section. Once added, press ADD ANOTHER ROLE to add the second required role. Push CONTINUE, and then push DONE. At this point, your service account will be created.

  1. Next, you will need to create the Service Account Key. To do this, find the newly created Service Account in the list of Service Accounts, and push the “edit” button (pencil icon).
  1. From this page, push ADD KEY, and then select Create new key. On the associated window, chose JSON and select CREATE
  1. Once you click CREATE, a .json file will automatically be downloaded. This is the key file which needs to be uploaded to Facet. Treat this file like you would a password. If you lose the file, you will be unable retrieve it again, and a new key will need to be created.

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