Connecting Redshift & Facet

We need a few key pieces of information to connect Facet to your tables in Redshift.

  • Redshift host name
  • Port (optional)
  • Table information:
    • Database
    • Schema
    • Table name
  • Login username & password

Though you can use an existing user login, we recommend that you set up a new user for use exclusively with Facet. This guide details the steps to create that user in Redshift.

Creating a User

Run the following to create a new login in Redshift— see full CREATE spec here.

Password must be longer than 8 characters and contain at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter.

CREATE USER facet_service WITH PASSWORD 'EnterP4ssword';

Run the following to grant access for your chosen schema and tables to your new user. Include all schemas/tables for which you would like to create a workspace. Also grant access to any information schemas and lookup tables you would like to use (e.g. a match table for company_id to company_name) to replace ID values with friendly names.

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA {your_schema_here} TO facet_service;
GRANT SELECT ON TABLE {your_schema_here}.{your_table_here1} TO facet_service;
GRANT SELECT ON TABLE {your_schema_here}.{your_table_here2} TO facet_service;

If you'd like to grant access to all of your tables within a schema, use the following:

GRANT SELECT ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA {your_schema_here} TO facet_service;

Next Steps

Now that you have the above connection details in hand, you are ready to proceed to and create your first workspace.

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