Metrics & Dimensions

Metrics and dimensions are the building blocks of your workspace. The left-hand side of your workspace is your metrics panel, while your right-hand side contains your dimensions.


A metric is a quantitative measurement derived from your data, like Impressions, Clicks, or Revenue.

Use the Add metric button to include metrics in your workspace.

You can select up to ten metrics to appear in your workspace at a time.

Pin a metric in the Add metric drop-down to set it as a personal default. When you return to your workspace, the metric will load automatically.

Metric chart options

You can choose from five types of charts to visualize your metrics:

  • line graph (default)
  • area chart
  • stacked area chart
  • grouped bar chart
  • stacked bar chart.

The charts will split into distinct colors for each dimension value when a compare filter is in place.

See Metrics Charts for full details.


A dimension is a data attribute that describes your data, like Country, Device OS, or Account Manager.

Use the Add dimension button to include dimensions in your workspace.

You can select as many dimensions as you would like to appear in your workspace.

Pin a dimension in the Add dimension drop-down to set it as a personal default. When you return to your workspace, the dimension will load automatically.

Each dimension table shows a breakdown of the selected metric (in this case, Revenue) by each of the dimension values. In the above example, the account manager Bart account for 35% of revenue.

In the dimension table, you can apply filters based on dimension value and drill into dimensions for deep analysis and "group by" functionality.

The expanded dimension view

Click on any dimension name to see the expanded dimension table view. In this view, you can see all metrics for a given dimension, broken down by dimension value, in table form.

If a time comparisons is applied, columns for delta and percent-delta will also appear. All columns are sortable.

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