Proactive Alerting

Use Facet alerts to automatically notify your team in Slack about shifts in key metrics. For example, you may want to set alerts for when:

  • Overall revenue has increased or decreased more than 5% in the past day
  • CTR for a new campaign has dropped below 2% in the past hour
  • Cost per Visit for one site has surpassed $20

Alerts run every day or every hour, depending on your alert settings, and can help your team stay ahead of revenue-impacting shifts.

Installing the Facet Slack App

To get the most out of Facet Alerts, your company will need to have the Facet Slack app installed. This is the same app that powers our scheduled reports.

If the app is not installed, simply click "Share to Slack" under the "Share" button, and you'll be prompted to allow the app in your Slack workspace.

If the app has already been installed within your company, you'll see a Share Snapshot to Slack modal pop up instead of the above install page.

Creating Alerts

Creating your first alert with Facet is completed in only a few clicks. In the example below, we see that there has been an increase in Revenue which we were able to identify using Facet. With proactive alerting with Facet, we can setup this to be an alert which will trigger immediately in order to find the shift more quickly. Alerts are sent as Facet previews directly to Slack or via email, and they can also be viewed as comments in the conversations panel. (Check out conversations here)

To setup an alert, simple click on the bell icon located in the metric you want to create an alert for.

The following modal will appear, prompting you to define your alert criteria.

In the alerts modal, enter the following:

  • Alert Name: Unique name, as it will appear in your Alert Settings
  • Alert Description: Description, as it will appear within Slack
  • Metric to Alert on: This will be pre-populated, based on the metric where you clicked the Alert button
  • Filter by Dimension & Filter Values: Optional, these will be pre-populated based on the dimension filters set when you clicked the Alert button (you can also add additional filters inside the modal)
    • Note: Use dimension filters to make your alerts as specific as you'd like, e.g. set a revenue alert to filter on country_region (APAC, LATAM, etc.) and set each alert to send to the respective regional manager/team
  • Alert When Metric & Value: Choose your alerting threshold and the calculation you'd like to use, options are
    • Raise %: Increases by the percent Value
    • Drop %: Decreases by the percent Value
    • Changes by %: Increases or decreases by the percent Value
    • Rises Above: Surpasses the static Value amount
    • Drops Below: Falls below the static Value amount
  • Comparison Time: Compare metric value to either previous hour or previous day
  • Alert Frequency: Either hourly or daily
  • Share to Slack Channel: The channel you would like this alert to be sent to
  • Add Slack Message: Optional, message to be included with each alert (for text that is too long for the description)

Pausing and deleting alerts

You can view all of your alerts by selecting the bell icon in the toolbar in the upper right. From here, you can edit existing alerts by clicking on them to edit the alert details. To temporarily turn off an alert, click the green toggle button to "Off".

To permanently delete an alert, click on the trash bin icon next to that alert, and click Save.

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