Selecting a timeframe

Your timeframe determines the range of data that will appear in your dashboard. There are two ways to choose which timeframe you'd like to explore: the date picker or directly inside your metrics chart.

Date picker

Pick start and end dates in the date picker calendar to select a custom timeframe, or quick-select from one of the preset timeframe options.

Presets include:

  • 3 days shows the last three full days, not including today's data
  • Last week shows data from the previous week (Monday to Sunday)
  • This week shows data from the current week (Monday to present day)

Presets range from hours to months.

Metrics chart

Click and drag over a section of your metrics chart to drill into a specific time frame.

Or use the chart navigation bar:

  • - + zoom in and out — cycles through numbered presets, e.g. 7 days > 3 days > 24 hours
  • < > shift one time period backward/forward — if you are looking at 6 hours of data, < shifts to the previous 6 hours
  • >| shift to most recent time period — maintains length of timeframe and shifts endpoint to be now

Chart granularity

Update chart granularity to show metrics by:

  • Hour
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month

When timeframe is less than two days, the metrics chart defaults to an hourly view. Otherwise, the view will default to daily.

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