Setting workspace metrics

What is a metric?

Metrics are one of the two building blocks of your workspace. A metric is a quantitative measurement derived from your data. Common metrics include Impressions, Clicks, or Revenue. Metrics appear in the left-hand panel of your workspace, as time-series graphs.

Choosing workspace metrics

The goal of a Facet workspace is to provide you with instant insights on metric shifts, good or bad, in order to take action in your business. Your visible metrics should reflect what workspace users will find the most valuable.

For example, account managers in an AdTech company might find CTR, eCPMS, and Revenue to be most important. Customer support associates at the same company might be more interested in Clicks and Impressions. There's no harm in making all of your metrics visible and available in your workspace — you can always go back and edit visible metrics later.

Click the "Visible" checkbox to make a metric available in the workspace. This will add the metric as a drop-down option in the metrics panel. Click the "Default" checkbox to pin the metric as a default for all new users.


Pick default metrics

Make sure to select at least one default metric for your workspace, or your workspace will appear "empty" to new users on login.

Users are able to overwrite defaults with personal "pins" after signing in.


Facet automatically pulls a "best guess" for your metrics, assuming that all metrics are summed. For example, if your table has a column named "total_revenue", the Calculation field would show: $main.sum($total_revenue)

You can add new calculated metrics to your workspace by clicking the "Add New Metric" button. Some common calculated metrics are:

  • CTR: $main.sum($clicks)/$main.sum($impressions)
  • eCPM: 1000*$main.sum($ad_revenue)/$main.sum($impressions)
  • UVs: $main.countDistinct($user_id)

Check out Creating custom metrics for a deeper dive into available metrics calculations.


By default, metrics are decimals rounded to two decimal points. You can format your metrics to fit your use case. Common formats are:

  • Currency: ($0.00a)
  • Percentages: 0.00%

Formatting uses Numeral.js.

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