Sharing to Slack

Seamlessly share workspace views with teams, internally and externally

Installing the App

Facet makes it easy to share workspace views via our Slack app. To install, simply click "Share to Slack" under the "Share" button, and you'll be prompted to allow the app in your workspace.

The Facet Slack app will post workspace previews for the respective workspace link.

Sharing Workspace Views

There are two ways to share Facet workspace views in Slack. The first is to simply copy the URL as it appears in your navigation bar, with the stateKey included, and paste it into a Slack message.

State key URLs are unique to each workspace view, and change with every workspace action. Create your custom view, share the link with a teammate, and they will see the exact view as you created it.

The second way to share a Facet workspace view in Slack is to use our "Share to Slack" button. Choose a message, image description, and channel to share to. You will see a confirmation banner, and your message will be shared within a minute.

With both options, a preview of the exact workspace view will be generated and appear within Slack.

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