Facet is a web-based, exploratory analytics tool for time series data. Our no-code, point-and-click workspaces are fast to set up, intuitive to use, and work out of the box with your existing cloud data warehouse.

Let's make data a team sport.

How do I get started with Facet?

Getting started with a Facet workspace is fast and easy. Choose the time series dataset you would like to explore, and then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your database connection details & credentials in Facet
  2. Facet auto-populates your metrics and dimensions from your data schema; select the ones you want to use in your workspace
  3. Explore your data

In most cases, you can have your first workspace created and start exploring data in less than five minutes.

Available integrations


Integration not listed here?

Facet has been built with the flexibility to integrate with any database. We are working to add more integrations all of the time.

Please email [email protected] and let us know what database you're interested in exploring with Facet; we would love to help.

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